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Running a SaaS business? With the Cloud, you can take risks for less!

Are you a software company? Go beyond the definition and see how you can utilise your Cloud Power. Let it be Azure, Amazon AWS, Google AE, Rackspace or just Software-as-a-Service in general, you have an amazing power in your hands … Continue reading

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A Cloud charging model, tailored to your clients … in other words, how can you make money with SaaS and make your users sign up with no hesitation?

Believe it or not: you can make money with your SaaS Cloud-based service. OK, joke aside … before I start, I’d like to press on two points: Point #1: In the world of Cloud/SaaS, your clients make a buying decision … Continue reading

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I’m a large vendor with only Enterprise Clients – what’s the point for me going Cloud?

I meet many companies who mainly work for enterprise Customers. For many of them, it’s not completely clear what’s the gold in building a Cloud-based service. The problem is that they approach it from a perspective of migrating their existing … Continue reading

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Online Marketing and your service in the Cloud

Many companies ask me about practices to promote their Cloud service. In this post, I explain what works best for some of my real successful clients. I work primarily with Windows Azure clients in in CEE region, but these rules … Continue reading

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The golden recipé for a successful SaaS/Cloud Business

Many of my clients ask the golden recipé for releasing their first, successful SaaS/Cloud service. As with everything else, there’s no golden rule here, but there are a few points worth mentioning.

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