5 Lessons Learned, Travelling with an Entrepreneur

One way to get to know one is to travel with one. I recently went on a trip to Berlin with my life mentor, Peter Zaboji, president of European Entrepreneurship Foundation. I’m a frequent traveler, but I did learn a few lessons from this seasoned corporate man turned entrepreneur.

Lesson 1: Don’t queue  when it doesn’t make sense.

Think faster, be smarter than others. Don’t be shy to take shortcuts, find the fastest route and jump

Lesson 2: Sample! 

Wait … before we go any further, I have to visit this section. Peter rockets to a side-shelf in the duty free store. This face cream costs €160 and it makes me look fresh. Then he takes off the cap and does his facial treatment in the store. Yes, I try it every time I fly … it’s a tester…

Peter spreads the tester cream on his face

Lesson 3: Enjoy yourself – small things matter.

You see? Just one extra inch to recline your seat while taking off and it feels much more comfortable. And if you convinced your neighbors to recline their seats too, flight attendants will never notice it. Have fun and smile wherever you go – it doesn’t cost more … in fact, it’s the same cost as if you were depressed all along … isn’t it?

Peter on plane

Lesson #4: How to get attention? 

Peter puts this into practice by using his Prof. prefix for hotel and restaurant bookings (only) which automatically upgrades him to a high-class service, or surely a better ground to start from. Use it wisely though as it can also backfire.

Lesson #5: Never miss an opportunity to improve someone else’s business. Never give up … professional criticists estimate that 6 out of a 100 feedbacks on service quality and ideas for improvement are taken on board. Unfortunately, you have to do the other 94 with no direct results, but this is common practice in service business and its called conversion rate.

Are you an entrepreneur? Can one tell this from the way you travel and interact?

What’s your secret? Your comment here goes a long way!

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5 Responses to 5 Lessons Learned, Travelling with an Entrepreneur

  1. Palkó says:

    🙂 Ez nagyon vicces.

  2. Traveling will probably be the best part as a business entrepreneur aha nice post!

  3. Lovely post! thanks for sharing it, I would love to travel a lot:)

  4. I would love to go to Berlin, seems like a lovely place for sure!

  5. Traveling with an Entrepreneur would definitely be exciting 🙂

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