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Life Finds a Way – NASA’s Audit On Internal Use of Cloud Services

I hope I can get you into a nostalgic mood with the famous scene of Dr Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: “If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained. … Continue reading

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The “we ended up doing it ourselves” mentality. Render.st & The Travelling Intrapreneur

I’ve met this startup of 3 entrepreneurs while on my startup tour in Bucharest. I heard that they built a service that “renders good looking streets and buildings” !? – I have to see this!

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Check up your SaaS business or business idea in 10 mins

What’s this? Many of us believe in regular checkups to keep an up-to-date awareness of our health status. Checkups also give us a chance to consult a doctor about lifestyle and longer-term things. Year on year, doctors learn more and more about … Continue reading

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Business Model Generation with LEGO

A picture tells a thousand words. A LEGO model tells a thousand pictures and metaphors. LEGO SERIOUSPLAY turns planning meetings and workshops into a fun exercise and shifts participants into a “flow” state that we only experience while we play, … Continue reading

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Why startups love the Cloud?

Startups are born into the Cloud era and they feel as comfortable with it as my 3-yr old with the touch screen. What’s the psychology behind this other than evolution and the cool behavior of generation X/Y folks?

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Threat!!! SaaS is Cannibalising Licensed Revenue!!! 2 Steps to Win the SaaS Game

Three recurring themes that I pretty often hear from my clients: “But David, can’t you see that this SaaS thing will cannibalise our licensed product’s sales?”; or “What will motivate my sales people to sell zero-upfront-revenue SaaS Vs high-revenue licenses?”; … Continue reading

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Oh No … Another ERP in the Cloud? The Hitchiker’s Guide to Building an ERP in the SaaS Model

I know, it’s a pretty harsh title, but I experience this week after week: ERP vendors launching their cloud-hosted copy of their ERP software and not understanding why they don’t sell. I wrote this post to stop them repeating this … Continue reading

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