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How the Cloud is Shifting the Corporate Culture

This is a guest post by Gina Smith of spanning.com. Enjoy reading it! Like it or loathe it, the cloud has transformed the way we communicate, interact, socialize and do business.  Some companies have been slow to embrace this new … Continue reading

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Why startups love the Cloud?

Startups are born into the Cloud era and they feel as comfortable with it as my 3-yr old with the touch screen. What’s the psychology behind this other than evolution and the cool behavior of generation X/Y folks?

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Public Sector in the Cloud? Preconceptions, Stories and the Reality …

In this post, I’ll give you an overview of randomly selected Public Sector Cloud initiatives and successful projects. Believe it or not, things are happening at this corner of the market, too – although not at the speed of light … Continue reading

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Oh No … Another ERP in the Cloud? The Hitchiker’s Guide to Building an ERP in the SaaS Model

I know, it’s a pretty harsh title, but I experience this week after week: ERP vendors launching their cloud-hosted copy of their ERP software and not understanding why they don’t sell. I wrote this post to stop them repeating this … Continue reading

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6 questions to make a good startup idea great – A recipe for startups and venture capitalists

Have you ever been stuck in a mud with your car? I had the fortune to experience this recently – the secret to get out of the mud is to have someone controlling the car and one or more people … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Huge Investment to Support You Launch Your SaaS Business

In this post, I’d like to highlight one of the potential opportunities that you can avail if you use, or plan to evaluate the Windows Azure platform to deliver your new SaaS offering. Whether you run a development shop, you … Continue reading

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Single-Tenant Vs Multi-Tenant SaaS Invoicing Models: How Can You Make Money With the Cloud – Part II.

This post is the second part after this one with an even longer title: A Cloud charging model, tailored to your clients … in other words, how can you make money with SaaS and make your users sign up with … Continue reading

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