EEF stimulating evolution of entrepreneurship in Europe


Yesterday, European Entrepreneurship Foundation celebrated its 8th anniversary at Demola Budapest. I remember, a few years ago on First Mondays, the key themes were new ventures and successful investments. Yesterday, I saw experienced entrepreneurs talking about exits and their next ventures as investors and mentors. Times are changing.

Looking at EEF’s graduates’ list, it’s not an everyday story. In no particular order, the list starts with Antavo, goes on with Remagine Technologies, Hand-in-Scan, Gravity R&D, DragOnTape, Noispot, Pocketguide, BPForex, Easyling, Joszaki, Ourstyle, Waterstars and ends with MaEsteSzínház. I remember talking to the founders of some of these startups at the beginning about the initial challenges of getting their co-founders, launching their service or product. Yesterday, I’ve spoken to the same founders, some of them who already refused acquisition offers, some others planning for a potential exit, the next venture or launching incubators houses to give back to the next generations. Amazing to see the evolution of not only a few startup businesses, but the evolution of the whole ecosystem, the stimulus and the key role EEF played in these successes.


What’s next, EEF? I know that Peter’s mind is in the natural evolution of an even bigger audience, the enterprise. An even greater challenge … What stops enterprises applying entrepreneurship in everything they do? I know … even posing the question is brave. No doubt that Peter will crack it – enterprise, we’re coming!

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Linkedin David Szabo, Intrapreneur at Microsoft, startup-addict and LEGO SERIOUSPLAY facilitator. Follow me on Twitter!

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3 Responses to EEF stimulating evolution of entrepreneurship in Europe

  1. WP Guy says:

    Thanks for the update, seemed like a great event 🙂

  2. Bill Black says:

    I wouldn’t mind going to an event full of entrepreneurs 🙂

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