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Survival of IT distributors and resellers at the end of the old economy

81% of business buyers start the process with a web search. Brick & mortar stores becoming showrooms just for buyers to try the product then place an online order elsewhere. Server orders dropping as a result of public cloud services. … Continue reading

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Oldest Companies on Earth

Would it sound strange to you if we compared life expectancy of humans Vs companies? Because if we did, you’d be surprised how immaturely companies die – and I’m talking about the Fortune 500 category here. With life expectancy of … Continue reading

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Napkin Series: Hardware as a Single Point of Failure? Not really …

Looking at the root cause of several cloud outages, it’s neither power outage, nor hardware crash. Not even natural disaster. We made hardware, disks, network, cooling, power, even data centers redundant and we arrived at the next challenge: the software. … Continue reading

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Running a SaaS business? With the Cloud, you can take risks for less!

Are you a software company? Go beyond the definition and see how you can utilise your Cloud Power. Let it be Azure, Amazon AWS, Google AE, Rackspace or just Software-as-a-Service in general, you have an amazing power in your hands … Continue reading

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A Cloud charging model, tailored to your clients … in other words, how can you make money with SaaS and make your users sign up with no hesitation?

Believe it or not: you can make money with your SaaS Cloud-based service. OK, joke aside … before I start, I’d like to press on two points: Point #1: In the world of Cloud/SaaS, your clients make a buying decision … Continue reading

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I’m a large vendor with only Enterprise Clients – what’s the point for me going Cloud?

I meet many companies who mainly work for enterprise Customers. For many of them, it’s not completely clear what’s the gold in building a Cloud-based service. The problem is that they approach it from a perspective of migrating their existing … Continue reading

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