LEGO SERIOUSPLAYCan you achieve the followings on a workshop?

  • All participants are 100% participating not just in body but also in spirit
  • All participants share their insights – no exceptions, no silent people, no emails during the workshop. Everyone is present with full energy and excitement
  • Over 8 hours of productive working sessions!
  • They all understand and take in others’ viewpoints and agree on a set of strategies and actions at the end.

If not, then try LEGO SERIOUSPLAY. LEGO SERIOUSPLAY has been used by many enterprises, entrepreneurs, startup businesses, institutions, schools, even farmers. It’s the technique that the Mexican government chose to boost the capability of innovation across the 4 million Mexican micro-small-and medium businesses that represent 99.8% of all firms in Mexico.

David with Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen

With my mentor Per Kristiansen and friend Robert Rasmussen – the two 1st-generation LEGO SERIOUSPLAY master trainers.


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