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Survival of IT distributors and resellers at the end of the old economy

81% of business buyers start the process with a web search. Brick & mortar stores becoming showrooms just for buyers to try the product then place an online order elsewhere. Server orders dropping as a result of public cloud services. … Continue reading

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The “we ended up doing it ourselves” mentality. Render.st & The Travelling Intrapreneur

I’ve met this startup of 3 entrepreneurs while on my startup tour in Bucharest. I heard that they built a service that “renders good looking streets and buildings” !? – I have to see this!

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Check up your SaaS business or business idea in 10 mins

What’s this? Many of us believe in regular checkups to keep an up-to-date awareness of our health status. Checkups also give us a chance to consult a doctor about lifestyle and longer-term things. Year on year, doctors learn more and more about … Continue reading

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Threat!!! SaaS is Cannibalising Licensed Revenue!!! 2 Steps to Win the SaaS Game

Three recurring themes that I pretty often hear from my clients: “But David, can’t you see that this SaaS thing will cannibalise our licensed product’s sales?”; or “What will motivate my sales people to sell zero-upfront-revenue SaaS Vs high-revenue licenses?”; … Continue reading

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Software as a 5 star Service

One of the key difficulties my clients encounter in their Software-as-a-Services journey is the transformation from being a product company to delivering services. The analogy I often use is to turn a grocery store to be a restaurant. I have … Continue reading

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Public Sector in the Cloud? Preconceptions, Stories and the Reality …

In this post, I’ll give you an overview of randomly selected Public Sector Cloud initiatives and successful projects. Believe it or not, things are happening at this corner of the market, too – although not at the speed of light … Continue reading

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3 Different Approaches to Benchmark Your Cloud Adaption Against Other Companies – A Study on Cloud Maturity Models for Enterprises

I normally blog for startups, SMBs and enterpreneurs who build tomorrow’s SaaS services – this one is an exception – one of those flashbacks from the past … Maturity models are used to benchmark yourself against other companies in your industry, … Continue reading

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