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Oldest Companies on Earth

Would it sound strange to you if we compared life expectancy of humans Vs companies? Because if we did, you’d be surprised how immaturely companies die – and I’m talking about the Fortune 500 category here. With life expectancy of … Continue reading

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How to turn an unfulfilled wish into 1 million downloads – The travelling intrapreneur

During my recent startup tour in Athens, Greece, I bumped into Dimitris and Manos, a duo of serial entrepreneurs. In this post, I’m hunting the secret of what it takes to reach 1 million downloads for a mobile app. Do you … Continue reading

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The “we ended up doing it ourselves” mentality. Render.st & The Travelling Intrapreneur

I’ve met this startup of 3 entrepreneurs while on my startup tour in Bucharest. I heard that they built a service that “renders good looking streets and buildings” !? – I have to see this!

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Napkin Series: Hardware as a Single Point of Failure? Not really …

Looking at the root cause of several cloud outages, it’s neither power outage, nor hardware crash. Not even natural disaster. We made hardware, disks, network, cooling, power, even data centers redundant and we arrived at the next challenge: the software. … Continue reading

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Do you know the definition of luck?

Luck is when an incredible amount of preparation meets opportunity – says Peter Zaboji of EEF (European Entrepreneurship Foundation). Marton Szoke (or as locals call him, Marci) has been invited by Peter to Prezi’s new HQ in Budapest for a … Continue reading

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6 questions to make a good startup idea great – A recipe for startups and venture capitalists

Have you ever been stuck in a mud with your car? I had the fortune to experience this recently – the secret to get out of the mud is to have someone controlling the car and one or more people … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Huge Investment to Support You Launch Your SaaS Business

In this post, I’d like to highlight one of the potential opportunities that you can avail if you use, or plan to evaluate the Windows Azure platform to deliver your new SaaS offering. Whether you run a development shop, you … Continue reading

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