How to turn an unfulfilled wish into 1 million downloads – The travelling intrapreneur

During my recent startup tour in Athens, Greece, I bumped into Dimitris and Manos, a duo of serial entrepreneurs. In this post, I’m hunting the secret of what it takes to reach 1 million downloads for a mobile app. Do you think Greece is slow motion? Keep reading …

Manos and Dimitris

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The “we ended up doing it ourselves” mentality. & The Travelling Intrapreneur

I’ve met this startup of 3 entrepreneurs while on my startup tour in Bucharest. I heard that they built a service that “renders good looking streets and buildings” !? – I have to see this! team

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The travelling intrapreneur: Solitaire being a lonely game is not fair. They changed the status quo. Solitaire Arena by Mavenhut

While on my latest startup tour in Bucharest, I’ve met the Mavenhut folks who famously got a hundred thousand users within 3 months by launching a social solitaire (?) game. I couldn’t wait to see them in person.

Mavenhut leadership team

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Napkin Series: Hardware as a Single Point of Failure? Not really …

cut rope 1Looking at the root cause of several cloud outages, it’s neither power outage, nor hardware crash. Not even natural disaster. We made hardware, disks, network, cooling, power, even data centers redundant and we arrived at the next challenge: the software. The software that runs in these super-redundant units has became the single point of failure. With the same software running in multiple locations, one little bug can stop everything at the same time, despite the redundant hardware. Windows Azure and other cloud services do a great job in rolling out software updates at multiple update zones, but still, that little bug is just waiting to kick off at the right time and make the press chew on the next big story.

So, what is a redundant software like?

Don’t look at me, I don’t know the answer. But I assume that a redundant software is built by two separate teams who are not supposed to speak to each other. They need to make sure that they solve the same problem – but differently. They take the same inputs and produce the same outputs. But do the work in between differently. Last decade was about hardware failures. Now, they are the past. This decade is when software comes to life.

What do you think? Any comments and conversations – welcome!


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Check up your SaaS business or business idea in 10 mins

What’s this? Many of us believe in regular checkups to keep an up-to-date awareness of our health status. Checkups also give us a chance to consult a doctor about lifestyle and longer-term things. Year on year, doctors learn more and more about the status quo and they pass on this learning to their clients. They also extend their portfolio with new services, drugs and alternative therapies. At the end, patients benefit from all this. This was my very intention when I created this free check-up service below. Continue reading

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Business Model Generation with LEGO

A picture tells a thousand words. A LEGO model tells a thousand pictures and metaphors. LEGO SERIOUSPLAY turns planning meetings and workshops into a fun exercise and shifts participants into a “flow” state that we only experience while we play, do physical exercise or sports (a state mostly unknown at work).


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Napkin Series: Crossing the Chasm, SaaS, Sales and the Psychology Behind

I’m starting a napkin series – short posts on back of napkins. Here’s the first one for you. I’ve met a friend of mine recently, CEO of a 50-employee company. He was enlightened by the Crossing the Chasm theory as David Balazic of Consalta presented it on a SaaS business workshop and told me a great learning which I’d like to share with you.

Moore's technology adoption lifecycle

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