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lego men conversionI swear that this isn’t an ad – you know that I’m a neutral blogger. But I found these guys and can’t not mention them. What they do is something that Google does tries for several years now using Google Website Optimizer, now part of the Google Content Experiments suite. What Google offers is to create several versions of your website and test – based on visitor clicks and statistics – which version of your site “guides” the most visitors to where you want them to go. WalkMe complements this tool with something that’s been missed for a long time. With the combination of these two tools, you can take your website’s conversion to the next level.

WalkMe offers website owners to build walking paths to visitors – similarly how smart sales staff welcome customers at the door, quickly recognize their style and coach them through the relevant offers, not being pushy, just assist them to see what may resonate well with them and ultimately make them happy to purchase. Look at – isn’t it the same thing?

21diamonds page

  • Sales: Welcome! How can I assist you?
  • Customer: Well, just browsing … I heard that you guys are doing custom-made jewelry?
  • Sales: Yes, this is our bread and butter. Would you like to see how we do it?
  • Customer: Yes, I’d love to …
  • Sales: Come with me …


  • Customer: I love the Tina … so what comes now?


  • Customer: I love the citrine stone … can I try it?
  • Sales: Of course! Wow, look at you …


OK, enough from jewelry shopping – but I have to tell you that using this WalkMe thing, I could turn busy e-shops into shopping experiences.  What’s great is that WalkMe doesn’t require programming, you can simply design the path using a browser-based editor and inject one <JSCRIPT> line into your page.

WalkMe editor

Those who are crazy about analytics can look at how users like your walk-thrus and you can also compare this with your site’s overall conversion metrics, too.

WalkMe analytics

All this in a freemium model – you gonna try it!

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