A Picture Tells a Thousand Words. A LEGO Brick Tells a Thousand Pictures.

If you’ve done market segmentation workshops in the past, you know that it is typically an interactive, engaging and rather exhaustive and fun exercise. One of the difficulties as a facilitator though is to capture the thought process: which markets, which niches, what’s the strategy of moving from one to another and so on. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY makes market segmentation workshops super fun. It turns the exercise into a game and what’s even better, you don’t have to take notes as the LEGO creations will carry the idea, the details and several metaphors.

Below is a photo I captured from a recent workshop.

market segmentation

To illustrate, the 3 LEGO men in the bottom left of the photo are influential bloggers, though leaders and content creators who can spread the word around and influence a specific niche group of people in the market (let’s say, Faculty of Law on universities). This niche group will create reviews which are important for a certain niche in the legal industry (ironically, in this workshop, represented by the monkey and the chalice – sorry friends in legal) to feel safe about the product. You can see the ladders how one niche influences the other and you can see the chains and connecting LEGO ropes to represent the relationship between our target niche and other niche segments. Within 10 minutes, a small group builds a market and an ecosystem where influence and relationships are all represented, together with a lot of meaning of how they are built from what bricks.

LEGO is an amazing tool to get people to work on an elevated productivity level by engaging otherwise inactive parts of the brain – thanks to the construction with the hands. I find it one of the most valuable tools when facilitating workshops. Wherever I go, I always take some bricks with me – you never know when they come handy. Of course, on Seedcamp in Budapest, I’ll use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY with other tools & toys within my portfolio. Looking forward to seeing your there!

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